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2048 Contest!

The folks at Cincom have put together a fun challenge for developers, the Cincom Smalltalk 2048 contest.  It involves implementing or improving the recent popular game called 2048.

I have put together an example running 2048 application that you can use as a starting point, if you like;  we have 2048 running in both our Smalltalk products (ObjectStudio and VisualWorks).

New to the Smalltalk computer language?  (I encourage you to find out about it; it will make you a better programmer no matter what language you use).

  • You can download a personal use license version of our commercial IDE  here
  • Contact athomas@cincom.com for tips on getting started, and for code examples
  • I am happy to answer questions and give pointers to new or novice Smalltalk developers

See all the Contest details including prizes.






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